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Companies (Top 20 Employers)
Oakland Business Review June 23-29, 2005

THE LIST: Rochester/Rochester Hills

Ranked by number of employees in Rochester and Rochester Hills

1 Rochester Community School District
2 Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
3 Oakland University 1,100
4 FANUC Robotics America Inc.
5 Meijer Cos. Ltd.
6 Parkedale Pharmaceuticals Inc
7 Gedas USA Inc.
8 Universal Tube Inc.
9 Dana Corp.– Fluid Systems Division
10 Eagle Ottawa LLC
11 City of Rochester Hills
12 Computer and Engineering Services Inc.
13 Concorde Michigan Inc.
14 Crittenton Development Corp.
Tie Health Providers Choice Inc.
Tie M.E. – Michigan Inc.
Tie Three-Dimensional Services Inc.
18 Energy Conversion Devices Inc.

The Rochester and Rochester Hills business list is ranked by the number of employees in Rochester and Rochester Hills. Information is as of May 1, 2005. Some companies that qualified for this list may not have provided requested information or were unable to provide information by our deadline. Information from public sources was used for those companies. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of the list, omissions and typographical errors sometimes occur. via Crain's Detroit Business