Sunrise Pinnacle Awards

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The Sunrise Pinnacle Awards Ceremony, organized each year by the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce,  is an opportunity for the greater Rochester communities to come together to honor the accomplishments and contributions of our region’s most visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and businesses.

Over 500 attendees will be present to honor our 23 award winners that include: Business of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Educator of the Year, Young Professional of the Year and many others.

The 9th Annual Sunrise Pinnacle Awards will take place at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester at 8:00AM on Friday, October 23rd, 2015. 

If you know of an individual or organization that should be distinguished for their work in the greater Rochester communities please nominate them for next year's awards! Nomination forms are now available for the 9th Annual Sunrise Pinnacle Awards Ceremony. Click here to download.

Click to visit our Member & Community Calendar for even more information on upcoming nonprofit fundraisers and events. 

The Rochester Regional Chamber Service Collaboration Committee comprises the area nonprofit organizations with the goal of "collaborating together to help those in need in our community". Through the combined efforts of key nonprofit agencies, the Service Collaboration Committee raises funds to support, feed and give back to the community creating postitive change. To find out more about participating on the Committee, visit their Facebook page, or contact Maggie Bobitz, Committee Chair.

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